Our Master Sushi Chef and our international Thai chef are both well-versed in preparing the finest dishes in western Kentucky. Each of our chefs and head cooks have mastered their crafts in culinary arts, and they have helped shape Jasmine into what it is today. 

With the help of our culinary team, we provide delicious, unique, and nutritious meals. Likewise, we ensure quality with every expedited dish, and with that, we consistently uphold our unmatched reputation. Much of our success can be contributed to these core values.

Our goal is to provide a simple, fun, and elegant atmosphere in which you can enjoy some of the finest food from around the world. Many of our customers have increasingly sophisticated palates that only our dishes can satisfy.

We combine food, ambiance, and music to create a unique experience for any occasion. You'll find that each item on our menu is designed and prepared with a personal touch and the utmost care. Come see why we are consistently named the best sushi and Thai restaurant in western Kentucky!